Recording Bands

Location recording for Bands.

JasonAudio brings the recording studio to you. They have the equipment and knowhow for recording bands and groups no matter how loud or quiet.

How to get recording.

Microphones dedicated to each group of instruments and performers are fed into high quality pre-amps recording up to 16 individual channels at once. Performances can be captured as a whole or performed as individual parts.

Drum recording microphone placement |

Everyone is different.

Different approaches to each session can be employed depending on the required result. The service can be used in a range of project types from a quick setup to capture a rehearsal, through to more demanding projects where achieving a high production quality is a priority. The recordings can later be edited and mixed in a studio environment. For rehearsal recordings this would be a small task, then adding more time for more demanding projects. The multi track recordings could also be exported for mixing in other professional music studios.

Developing a song.

Many musical genres are defined by the expectation of the music’s dynamics and arrangement. Getting dynamics and arrangement right allows music to flow naturally and hold audience’s attention.

In addition to providing recording services JasonAudio can offer music production and arrangement suggestions to help create music more relevant to it’s intended media.

Now what?

If you’re in Peterborough UK area and have a cool tune or a cool band please get in touch either on the contact page or on Facebook and let me know about what you do.

Primarily the objective of JasonAudio is to help up and coming musically talented people with limited production budgets, who are ready to showcase their music to the industry and need some help to make the best sounding recordings possible. However, being an acclaimed professional musician or singer need not prevent you from getting in touch.