location recording service

JasonAudio offers multi-track location recording facilities for all types of music and events. Record at your rehearsal rooms or in some great value halls.

How’s it done?

JasonAudio offers mobile multi-track recording facilities to record all types of music and events. Every performer has their own requirements and Jason Audio is geared up to cater for them. Record at your rehearsal studios or take advantage of large buildings and their sound characteristics enabling the smooth capture of the natural sound of an instrument. The freedom to record in a chosen environment or building offers many advantages in terms of space, atmosphere and open acoustics. A good sounding environment can be very motivating to artist performance, adding a positive vibe to the sessions. JasonAudio can deal with bookings on the clients behalf to provide a suitable venue for the recording project. We have access to some useful spaces or contact us with your suggested locations. Please bear in mind that some buildings may not be suitable for recording, for example a village hall with wooden floor. A certain amount of space and quiet is required. Please contact us with your ideas.

Location recording for Singing groups.

Making use of hall or church building ambience to record your singing group brings a natural vibrance to voice recordings that could not easily be reproduced electronically. We can record your live concert performance that can be used for promoting the groups’ activity and for prosperity.

Location recording for Bands.

Microphones dedicated to each group of instruments and performers are fed into high quality pre-amps recording up to 16 individual channels at once. Drums can be challenging to record in smaller rooms because the sound refection from the walls can be difficult to eliminate and can cause problems in the final mix. Using halls to facilitate recording can provide good acoustics and comfortable space to perform. Performances can be captured as a whole or performed as individual parts. The recordings can later be edited, mixed and mastered.

Location recording for Acoustic groups.

A comfortable and roomy environment can be key to a good performance. The group’s sound can be captured with microphones placed for individual instruments and singers plus microphones capturing the room ambience for a controlled and honest recorded result. Quiet local halls can be a cost effective way of providing the space and facilities needed with the added benefit of providing natural reverbs that can not be easily matched with effects processors.

Location recording for Solo performers.

High quality microphones and Preamps capture great detail and add warmth to sound. Great when recording acoustic instruments capturing all the detail and dynamics of the instrument and vocal performance.