Music Production

Making Music.

Many of us now have access to the processing power needed to provide great sound production tools at sensible prices. This has opened opportunities for all kinds of creative people to produce a diversity of music and media with great results. JasonAudio will be producing some drum packs that you can setup in your DAW ready for when the next idea comes in.

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Song development

Your song ideas can be turned into finished tracks. If you are a songwriter who could benefit from working with a producer to better present your music Jason Audio has experience of sound design and musical arrangement and enjoys working with artists to help portray their individual musical identity. Starting with a simple representation of the song idea, perhaps just a vocal idea, with the direction of the artist the song idea can be developed into a finished song.

Remix your stems

Have you got existing multi-track recordings, ‘stems’ that would work if remixed into a new style? Remixes of your bands tracks can create exposure and increases promotion for your band amongst a wider audience including followers of different musical genres. Typically tracks are remixed to produce electronic dance music styles such as ‘big room’, ‘trance’, and ‘dubstep’ for example. Let us hear your ideas and we can begin to uncover the possibilities.

Bespoke music production.

Animators and film makers understand the importance of getting the right music and sound for their productions. Jason Audio can provide sound design and music composition for film projects. This type of work represents a new project idea and so would be suited to film producers who have simple requirements where a high standard of audio must be achieved. Get in touch with your ideas and we will be happy to discuss in more detail how we could help.


Mastering is the process of finalising audio for a particular media and is mainly made up of creating meta data and finalising audio level and tone. This job is always best left in the hands of and audio engineer specialising in audio mastering. Jason Audio can offer a simple mastering solution which will bring levels up and offer some meta data on request an no extra cost. An un mastered copy will also be made available should you wish to employ a audio mastering specialist to finalise your product.

Production packs

Many musicians today have computer facilities for helping the creative process. Here at Jason Audio we have created a collection of sounds including drums, bass and keyboard samples to get you creating ideas quickly. The samples are 24bit 96hz WAV format. You are free to use the sounds in any productions for any purpose.

The first release will be a selection of drum samples for electronic bass and dance music. The release will be announced on Facebook so please Like JasonAudio on Facebook to see details in your news feed as soon as they are available.

Equipment includes:

Ableton Live 9. Native Instruments soft synths. Various processor plug-ins. Focusrite Liquid Saffire pro. Focusrite Octopre II. Shure microphones SM57’s, beta 52A. Rode microphones NT1-A’s. Large overhead mic stands. Various DI and splitter boxes. Cables, connectors and headphones. Gaff tape.

Dropbox – a great way to send your stems.

Dropbox offer a free service that allows you to create a folder on the web, upload you files to it and share it between us. This is a great way to pass stems for remix. If you haven’t already got a Dropbox account you can set one up by following this link. Don’t forget to send your wav files to a compressed folder, or .zip folder before uploading to make the files smaller, then share the files or folders with in your dropbox account. Dropbox will then email us with the file download details.